5 Pairs of Compression Plantar Socks

5 Pairs of Compression Plantar Socks


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Look after your feet with 5 pairs of Ankle Compression Plantar Socks.

  • Firm compression zone swaddles Achilles tendon
  • Upward compression works to relieve stress on plantar fascia; a leading cause of heel pain
  • Comfort foot pad on the ball of the foot for added cushioning
  • Antimicrobial fibres to help reduce foot odor
  • Great for running, sports or for helping to relieve foot pain day-to-day
  • Moisture-wicking can help reduce the chance fungal infections
  • Created from a 75% nylon and 25% spandex mix
  • Within the extent of scale L/XL 8.5~ 13 inch        S/M-7.5~11inch
  • One size fits most up to size EU 42 (US Men-L/XL, Women-S/M)

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